Lasercroft Limited

We formed Lasercroft in 1991 with the help of Holdstock Nicholls Train & Co – their expertise has been an invaluable asset to us in our business development planning. Being able to rely on professional advisors is a cornerstone of our company's success and Holdstock Nicholls Train & Co have delivered their services with integrity and efficiency.

Managing Director
Alan Cobley – local business man

I have dealt with Holdstock Nicholls Train & Co over the past 30 years and the practice has advised me on all taxation matters including vital long-term planning and business reorganisation.

Alan Cobley, Business Owner
Springfield Solutions Limited

Holdstock Nicholls Train & Co were instrumental in the acquisition of the company and it's subsequent reorganisation. Their field of expertise in strategic corporate planning with a proactive approach have proved a major asset in the growth of Springfield and it's associated companies.

Steve Forster, Finance Director
Elizabeth Booth

I have been a client of HNT  for almost 30 years.  Paul Train has Personally and Professionally taken care of my accounts. This has been of enormous benefit to my peace of mind.  I could not have managed my finances, both in my business and my private account without him. 

Elizabeth Booth